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When it comes to throwing a killer hens party, no one does it better. MM is known to provide the best hen night packages. Our topless waiters are hot enough to kill the party, get all the ladies excited and make them scream for more. They have been handpicked for their fun and professional attitude, this is what makes us called them pro waiters. They are not mere good-looking guys but trained guys, friendly, polite and capable of entertaining your guests by introducing amazing games, body shots and also socialize and render their service in a professional manner.


Our Male Strippers are skilled enough to keep the company of everyone present all night, their body shape is enough to keep all your guest focus and wish the night never end. Your guests will relish in a night that is nothing short of amazing and the experience of a lifetime because our male stripper doesn’t just walk around the venue, but they perform in a various way and appear in different costumes catching and sophisticated enough to draw the attention of everyone present. They are trained to tease, please, seduce and entertain your guests


Part of what makes us this famous is our customer relation, we don’t just assume we can offer the best, we seek your idea and plan a meaningful night towards it. We give your party the best costume, serve up your food and drinks according to instruction but in a professional way and regularly visit every table to make sure everything is in order. We provide you the perfect guys both topless waiters and male strippers according to your request be it cheeky blonde or tall, dark and handsome.

Don’t let your bestie get married without enjoying the last moments as a spinster! Get wild with us and make it memorable. Book your hen party in Sydney with us today, and you will surely get the best.

Need Some Ideas for Your Hens Ideas? See Below:

  • Dinner – nice and simple, a perfect choice for your Friday night – especially if you’re travelling from parts of the country to meet up with the rest of your group  and need more flexibility with eating times.
  • Stand Up Comedy Club – A great choice for a smaller group, large groups of hen nights may not be admitted to some comedy clubs, and they usually ask you not to chat or call out between acts.
  • Clubbing – pretty much a given, usually included after another nights entertainment
  • Drag Queen Show – some cities have drag queen shows clubs and bars, all varied experiences but always good for a giggle
  • Party on a Bus Tour – very popular in most major cities, some of the places they take you can be a little inflexible, and you have to follow their route, and share it with other groups.
  • Theatre show – Sydney the most popular as many shows have permanent locations, other cities can be hit and miss depending on what’s on.
  • Male Strippers – always good for some cheesy hen night fun, make sure you have clearance from the venue though, some won’t let you, and it’s not best to have the Full Monty in a family restaurant.
  • Fire Engine/Limo Tour great way to see the sights to start your weekend.
  • Karaoke – usually as part of a bar and club tour, you know you’re going to make a fool of yourself at some point.

call Us 1300 624 426

Award winning shows